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Machine Learning and Deep Learning are a whole set of algorithms that are used to read patterns in a data lake. If you want to understand a bit more about ML/DL you can read this, and follow this channel on Youtube.

In this post, I`ll go through a common problem in ML, which is how companies use their data to train models, a multi-party training can be tough due to data constraints, regulations, compliance, and privacy

Event-driven architectures are ideal for improving agility and moving quickly. They’re commonly found in modern applications that has decoupled components. When adopting an event-driven architecture, you may need to rethink the way you view your application design.

The event source should be reliable and guarantee delivery if you need to process every single event. That is why we use Amazon SNS and Amazon SQS to hub the events. Also, it should be able to handle the asynchronous nature of events.

Amazon provides two other solutions for event-driven applications, Amazon EventBridge and Amazon MSK (Apache Kafka) but these solutions are way…

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In 2019 Amazon Web Services has launched the platform AWS Managed Blockchain, it is still under development, they are continuously improving and evolving it, but the market is still skeptical about this solution, it is a brand new concept and too disruptive, that means there are still a lot to be found out for the Fully Managed Blockchain applications.

The idea of Amazon was to reduce the distance between the Blockchain technology and your applications in the real world, bringin a new and easier way to build…

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AWS lançou em 2019 a plataforma Managed Blockchain, e desde então ela vem em processo de desenvolvimento e melhorias. O mercado ainda é um pouco cético de usar a ferramenta, por ser algo muito novo, as aplicações de se ter um Blockchain completamente gerenciado ainda são um pouco misteriosas.

O intuito do projeto, é reduzir a distância entre a tecnologia Blockchain e suas aplicações no mundo real, devido a complexidade de se manter e configurar instâncias de clientes e servidores das fundações de uma plataforma descentralizada, como…

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